Kosher Organic Turkey Boneless Breast 2.5-2.8lb (1.245 kg) approx


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Contains 1 boneless skinless breast.  Approximate 1245 gr each package.


Our turkey comes from a certified organic farm located in Bay Saint Paul, Quebec, a place of rolling mountains far from industrial pollution. Raised ethically, our turkeys live outdoors during the summer, starting from their 4th week of life. In the winter, they dwell in well ventilated barns with large windows, natural light and plenty of space to run around.  They sleep at least 8 hours per night to assure their proper rest and growth. This turkey meat is delicate, light in color and has very little fat. 



Our turkey is raised in the most natural way possible:

They are:

Raised without growth hormones or antibiotics
Have outdoor access
Hormone Free
Antibiotic free


Their feed is:

Pesticide free
Herbicide free
Synthetic Fertilizer free
GMO free

100% Organically Raised


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