Organic Veal Chops 2nd cut 1lb (453g) per package approx.


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This is a more affordable steak, full of flavor and only one step below our Veal Chops 1st cut.  This cut  is also similar to Beef Chuck Steak and is a very popular choice for grilling with a dash of steak spice, or stewing and slow cooking.


*Please be advised: Beef and Lamb packages will also have a Mehardin meat label, in addition to a Tiferet label.  The Mehadrin label will have a date over the bar code. This is the production/packaging date and NOT a best before date.


Our veal is raised in the most natural way possible: They are fed on certified organic grass and hay.
Naturally raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.
Outdoor access
Hormone Free
Antibiotic free
Farm Pesticide free
Farm Herbicide free
Farm Fertilizer free
GMO free
Organic feed


If you want to know the difference between grass fed beef/veal and grain fed , please visit the following link and scroll down to the ‘Beef / Veal’ section:


Also if you want to know why our beef is superior to most beef sold on the Canadian market, please read:


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