Finally Healthy Hotdogs




“Finally healthy hot dogs” this was the reaction of one Rabbi, when we told him about our kosher organic hot dogs.





Our hot dogs  have few ingredients that are organic and healthy. The hot dogs are lean, low in salt and made from top quality ingredients:
Organic kosher chicken
Organic potato starch
Organic spices
Himalayan pink salt

It Was a Long Road

This was a long time coming and it took us countless hours to finally source all of the right ingredients with all of the right Hechshers. 
We had numerous conversations with the VAAD to get acceptable kosher ingredients.  Some spices were OK whole, but not ground. Certain Hechshers were OK for some ingredients but not for others.
Some ingredients were organic with good Hechshers, but were only sold in bulk, eg., one skid at a time.
For example, our organic potato starch comes from Europe they gave me their US distributor who shipped to our depot in New York State.  The smallest amount available was 10 times what we needed. 
Our spices also came from a US spice distributor who shipped them to our US depot. These ingredients were simply not available in Canada.
It was a long road as you can imagine, but here we are, introducing our first batch of organic hot dogs. 

How They Are Packaged?

Each package contains 4 hot dogs, is vacuum sealed and frozen.

What is The Price?

Hot dogs are $8.99 per package however we are making an introductory offer at $5.99 per package.  

Is There a Special Way of Cooking Them?

When you look at the hot dogs you will notice that they look skinny.  But if you boil them for 5 minutes or less, you will see they will puff up and will look like normal hot dogs.  We also tested our hot dogs on the BBQ and it worked well.
Our hot dogs are lean, so if you eat them straight, you will notice that there is no fat in them.  But if you put them in a bun and dress them as normal hot dogs, you will hardly notice the difference.  My children gave our hot dogs 9 on 10.  Previously, they got an occasional hot dog or two in school, but by and large, they have been craving this food for a long time. 
There is a casing on the hot dogs that has to be removed prior to cooking.  Just rub the hot dog under cool running water and the casing will come off. 


If I think of other hot dog recipes, I will let you know.  If you have any questions or suggestions, they are most welcome.