About Us

Here Are the Few Things We Believe In:


Healthy food, healthy life style, healthy environment: we recycle, we compost, we have our own organic garden. 

We believe in being kind and fair and giving back to the community.


Our Relationship with Our Customers


We enjoy serving our customers. We are happy to offer personal support because we really believe that any concerns and questions you may have are important. We choose quality over convenience that is why we answer your phone calls and your emails personally.


Our customers have become our friends and this is no accident. Our friendships are based on earned trust and carrying. We care and we have always cared about our customer/friends.



Who We Are


We are down to earth organic food enthusiasts. We believe in what we do and we believe in our purpose which is to provide top quality healthy organic food to our customers.


Eddy is an Osteopath by profession who helps people of different ages and from all walks of life. More about him here: Osteopathie Montreal


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What We Eat


95% of the time we eat organic and locally grown food, we believe that this is healthier.   Since we support local farmers, we know where our food is coming from.


Papa & Yona 3D IMG_1127


Health Over Convenience


We would rather choose healthy food over the convenience of ready made food and therefore, we take the time to prepare our food as much as possible. Preparing our own food is a labour of love: cooking, baking our own breads and deserts, making cheese, yoghurt, fermented foods, condiments, spice mixes and essential oils.


Eddy is a great cook and I’m not too bad myself;)


We Support:


We donate and support many local and environmentally friendly organizations like, but not limited to:

Green Peace,


Canadian Wildlife Federation,

Coop La Maison Vert,

Nature Conservancy of Canada, and the like.


We also proudly support organizations like:


Disabled Veterans of Israel (Beit Halochem Canada),

Canadian Magen David Adon for Israel,

JNF of Canada,

Fereration CJA,

Rabbi Meir Baal Haness,

Bar-Ilan University,


Donald Berman Yaldei Developmental Center

Jewish General Hospital,

Machne Israel-Karen Hashana’

Free Hebrew for Juniors,

Canadian Friends of Boy Town Jerusalem,


And others like:

Heart and Stroke Foundation,

The War Amps – Quebec,

Prostate Cancer,


Karnak Shriners International,




Other Things We Like Doing:

Spending Time Outdoors


 We like exercise and we like spending time outdoors: hiking, camping, swimming, snow shoeing, sledding and skating.


 (Click on the photo below to enlarge.  He is petting a chipmunk!)

IMG_0850    IMG_0873  snowshoeing



Every summer we grow organic vegetables on a 500sq. foot garden. We buy very little produce from May to October, since we have many things in our garden. BH.



IMG_0590  IMG_0667  P1030601  P1030598



We have a young orchard that we established ourselves 6 years ago. We have apples, pears, cherries, plums, currants, blueberries and other fruits and berries.


 IMG_1212   Yona Rasberries 3Djpg



This is a young vineyard that we established 5 years ago. Our first harvest of white grapes (Frontenac Blanc) was in 2013 and that is when we had our first batch of wine.   The red grapes will be 4 years old in 2015.


 IMG_0645   IMG_0790

Mushroom Farm


Among other things we have a small shitake mushroom production. It took some work to establish the mushrooms, but they are definitely the best organic shitakes we have ever tasted.   We love eating these mushrooms and our friends and relatives keep asking us if we have more mushrooms to share.  


 IMG_1215    IMG_1219

Herbs and Medicinal


I like to make use of wild herbs and medicinal plants. Most of the time our children can’t distinguish between the leaves in their salad, but they tell me it tastes good ;). My family and friends love my herbal tea blend that I harvest myself. We use it throughout the winter to support our immune system and to prevent colds.   Pine needle tea was a huge hit as well.


Tania’s Book


My book, ‘The Savvy Organic Shopper’s Guide’ is available on amazon.com. Here is the link.


I firmly believe that organic food can be affordable to most people and not a privilege of the wealthy. You just need to know a few tricks of the trade;)




Eddy’s Book


Eddy’s book, a creative non fiction and is not out yet. The manuscript was just completed and professionally edited. He is presently looking for a publisher or an agent, so if you happen know anyone please let him know. I will let everyone know as soon as his book becomes available.   Hint, it’s not about organic food 😉


In conclusion


Staying active, spending time outdoors, eating well, being grateful and giving to others are fundamental to our wellbeing.   It also makes us, our family and our friends feel happy. And it gives us the energy to provide you with top quality food.



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