Our Mission


Tiferet is proudly entering its 14th year as a manufacturer and distributor of quality kosher organic poultry. We are reaching that milestone with continued enthusiasm and excitement about Tiferet’s future and we see that excitement in our suppliers, processors and customers.


This company was created to meet the needs of fellow observant Jews, who like me, could not find healthy alternatives to the products found on the store shelves. In particular, kosher organic poultry a staple in many households was simply unavailable in Canada. This greatly concerned me, both as an Osteopath involved in health care, and as a father with my family’s well being to consider.


We have much to be proud of at this particular time. Tiferet continues to offer kosher organic chicken to our loyal and growing customer base in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.


I want you to know that I take a great interest in the acquisition, production, sales and distribution of all our products. I have visited all of our farmer colleagues and have overseen all aspects of processing and packaging of everything we produce, in order it satisfy myself that the best organic farming practices are being used, and that all of our foods adherer to the highest standards of Kashrus.  More on our products here 


As a company that puts you the client first and foremost, Tiferet customers can always expect to be heard whenever they call us. We pride ourselves in dealing with people on a one-to-one basis, exchanging ideas and suggestions for improved service, and even recipes!


Our customers appreciate what we do, and their loyalty is proof positive that we are on the right track. If you’ve tried a Tiferet product, you know what to expect and we intend to preserve that expectation. If you haven’t tried our products, you’re in for a great treat when you do. You will become part of a growing number of appreciative customers who have come to expect only the best.


Thank you for your on-going support.


 Eddy Basch Signature