Pasture Raised Kosher Lamb Shank 300gr approx.  


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‘Lamb Shank’ is an inexpensive cut that does extremely well in cholent, stew or as oven roast.




Each package contains 1 lamb shanks and weighs approximately .715 lb (.340 kg).


*Please be advised: Beef and Lamb packages will also have a Mehardin meat label, in addition to a Tiferet label.  The Mehadrin label will have a date over the bar code. This is the production/packaging date and NOT a best before date.


Our lamb is raised in the most natural way possible:


They are:

Pasture fed

Raised without growth hormones or antibiotics
Have outdoor access
Hormone Free
Antibiotic free



Their feed is:

Pesticide free
Herbicide free
Synthetic Fertilizer free
GMO free



Pasture Raised Lamb


We only buy young lamb, which has a very mild taste unlike lamb that is older.  Our lamb tastes delicate and fresh, with amazing superior flavour. We can proudly say that our lamb tastes better than what is served at many high-end restaurants.



Our lamb is grass fed, and graze from spring to fall on tranquil pastures far from industrial pollution. All our lamb is raised without Hormones, Antibiotics or GMO’s in their food.  Because they eat their natural diet the quality and the taste of our lamb has been highly praised. Here are several of the many comments we often get from our customers:



“The lamb was spectacular.  My kids went crazy for it.  Made the chops and the brisket several times and not a drop left.” – Sarah  (Toronto, ON)



“The lamb was wonderful, very tender, mild taste, everyone loved it.” – Marc (Montreal, QC)



Below is the photo of the farm. Please read about our Farm visit here:



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