Pasture Raised Kosher Grass Fed Beef London Broil (Minute Roast) 1.8lb approx. (850g)


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One of our top prized cuts. London Broil is tender and performs very well with high heat. Marinate it for couple hours in mustard and garlic then roast. You can also slice it into 1″ thick steaks and grill or broil them.


As with any of our roasts, they can be sliced very thin when cooled and served on sandwiches.


*Please be advised: Beef and Lamb packages will also have a Mehardin meat label, in addition to a Tiferet label.  The Mehadrin label will have a date over the bar code. This is the production/packaging date and NOT a best before date.


Our beef is raised in the most natural way possible: 


Outdoor access
Hormone Free
Antibiotic free
Pesticide free feed
Herbicide free feed

Synthetic fertilizer free feed
GMO free feed


Our beef is pasture raised grass fed and finished, which means their diet consists almost completely of natural herbicide free grass & hay.* Our cattle graze on beautiful rolling hills far from industrial pollution during the spring, summer and autumn  months.   During the winter months, they eat high quality hay. Grass fed beef is usually much leaner than cattle that are entirely grain fed and somewhat smaller than conventional cattle. But this type of beef offers superior taste. (To understand the distinctions between grass fed versus grain fed see below.)


* Note: Grass fed and grass finished beef may contain up to 5% of grains in their diet which usually consists of oats, wheat barley, a mix of peas, soybeans and corn – all of these grains are non GMO.



Our beef farmer has been raising cattle for generations, from grandparents, to parents, to children to grandchildren. They combine old practices and family secrets with modern practices, cutting edge technology and higher education which agricultural university programs offer. They teach other farmers how to ameliorate their soils, how to grow better grass and hay, how to grow livestock and they are active supporters of sustainable agriculture.


The quality and the taste of our beef has been highly praised.  



Here a few things our customers had to say:  TESTIMONIALS


If you want to know the difference between grass fed beef and grain fed beef please visit the following link and scroll down to the ‘Beef’ section:



Also if you want to know why our beef is superior to most beef sold on the Canadian market, please read:


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